In Case You Missed It on Wake Up Cleveland

In Case You Missed It on Wake Up Cleveland
Neeha Curtis and Julian Glover are anchors for Cleveland 19. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Here are some moments you may have missed on Wake Up Cleveland. You can catch Wake Up Cleveland with Neeha Curtis and Julian Glover Monday through Friday 4:30 a.m. until 7 a.m.

Wake Up With Mark: New Food Trends
Wake Up With Mark: Vintage Holiday Foods
Chris Tanaka buys Jeff Tanchak a Christmas present
Wake Up With Mark: Bad Behavior on Airplanes
Wake Up With Mark: Dealing with porch pirates
Wake Up With Mark: Christmas Tree Fails
Wake Up With Mark: Shopping on the clock
Emojicast: 50 degree temps on Friday
Would you give up your smartphone for $100,000?
Christmas display causes neighbor to call the cops
EmojiCast 12/11/18
EmojiCast 12/10/18
One Second Forecast: The sun is coming back this weekend
New study shows how much people like shopping with Amazon
Wake Up with Mark and his Christmas decorating trends
Wake Up With Mark: Woman gets caught after airport complaint
EmojiCast 12/3/18
Payless fools everyone
Wake Up With Mark: Too many holiday lights?
List released of the most popular baby names
Wake Up With Mark: Cleveland Police having a little fun
Wake Up With Mark: A little payback for Hue Jackson
Would you put Cheetos on a Turkey?
Wake Up With Mark: Hobby Horse Fun
Wake Up With Mark: Are you ready for Black Friday Shopping?
Wake Up With Mark: Is holiday music happy or annoying?
Mark Nolan tries the new 'Instasplit'
Cell Phone Use In Restaurants
Wake Up With Mark; Dealing with holiday debt
Do you like the new Cavs uniforms?
Mark, Neeha and Julian discuss potential Christmas gifts to buy this year
Neeha, Mark and Julian discuss historic election firsts
Are you sick of all those election ads yet?
No selfies at the polls 😕
Is it too early for Christmas music?
Machine lets your trade in your candy
What's your favorite candy bar?
Wake Up With Mark: How long have you gone without seeing a close family member?
IHOP adding a bar to one of its locations
How does your neighbor annoy you?
Kendall Forward introduces the emojicast
Neon litter available at cat show
Jeff Tanchak says he is like leopards, they both like gnawing on pumpkins
Rally Possum crawls into the emojicast
Monday morning Emojicast 10/8/18
Tanchak picks up where Slider left off
Mark Attempts to pass U.S. Citizenship Test
Jeff Tanchak embraces Jazz Hands
Tuesday morning's Emojicast
A horse walks into a bar
Best gas station coffee in Ohio?
Jeff Tanchak shows off his biceps on the emojicast
Jeff Tanchak starts the day with push-ups

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