Scabies outbreak shuts down Parma school

Scabies outbreak shuts down Parma school
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Summit Academy will be closed on Thursday and Friday after scabies were discovered at the school.

They first reported the outbreak at the end of last week and the school was thoroughly cleaned over the weekend. It wasn’t enough to contain the spread.

Scabies outbreak shuts down Parma school

Kevin Brennan of Cuyahoga County board of health warns that scabies is highly contagious

“They get on your skin and the burrow, and once they make that initial point of entry, then the female will come in and she’ll burrow or tunnel," Brennan said.

The female will then lay eggs under the skin, which leads to an unbearable rash that spreads every time it’s touched or scratched.

The mites can only be transferred with direct contact. Children and nursing home residents are the most at-risk populations.

Here’s what to do if your or your child has scabies:

  • Seek treatment immediately—most cases with a cream and antibiotics.
  • Wash and dry all bedding, clothing and towels that have made contact with the afflicted. 
  • If items can’t be washed or dry-cleaned immediately, place them in plastic bag for several days to a week. 

Once medical treatment begins, scabies the mites will die in two to three days. If left untreated, they will continue to feed off skin and spread.

Brennan says that’s why you need to take immediate action.

“It’s very easy to treat. It’s very easy to get rid of—it’s just a shock oh my gosh what’s going on with me?”

Brennan also said that the health department didn’t recommend the school closing—they made the decision on their own.

Summit Academy will reopen on Monday.

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