Petition proposed to clean up Avon cemetery

Petition proposed to clean up Avon cemetery

AVON, OH (WOIO) - People are angry over what they say is carelessness at a local cemetery.

Petition proposed to clean up Avon cemetery

On Friday, Cleveland 19 cameras captured a woman trying to clear off the grave of someone she clearly cares for deeply, flowers in hand.

Katie Hildebrand watched with us from afar as the woman splashed Resthaven Cemetery’s flood waters away with her boots.

“The heartbreaking thing that that is to come and see your loved one underwater is terrifying,” Hildebrand said.

Cleveland 19’s been out to the cemetery several times before now, trying to help.

A spokesperson from the cemetery told us it was working to fix the issues there, but Hildebrand says nothing is getting better. Her in-laws are buried near the front of the property.

“I was in tears when I was here,” she said.

Hildebrand posted pictures showing the conditions in the back of the cemetery last time she came.

Somehow, she says her post got more than 800 shares.

She says people started messaging her their emotional stories.

“I mean they were just terrible, and I thought, ‘I need to give these people an avenue so we can all come together and try and see if we can get this fixed,’” she said.

So, she created a Facebook group where members can share their experiences.

In the last two weeks, more than 500 people joined.

She then went one step farther and created a petition to back the women who told her they filed formal complaints with the state.

The complainants are scheduled to go in front of a state committee in Columbus next Thursday.

There they’ll explain the difficulty all these individuals have had making a change here.

“Everybody joined together maybe, we can bring about some change here,” she said.

Cleveland 19 reached out to the company that owns the cemetery again Friday.

A spokesperson says this time, the company has no comment.

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