Committee passes ordinance to allow electric scooters, vote scheduled for Monday

Committee passes ordinance to allow electric scooters, vote scheduled for Monday
Cleveland City Council is discussing allowing electric scooter rentals following a previous ban.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Friday morning, Cleveland City Council’s safety committee discussed an ordinance that would allow businesses to rent electric scooters and bicycles in the city.

The committee ultimately passed the ordinance, with a vote scheduled for the entire council on Monday, June 3.

Scooters in Cleveland? 5/31/2019

Cleveland lawmakers may allow companies to rent electric scooters after all. Damon Maloney TV has the latest on the downtown scooter saga:

Posted by Cleveland 19 News on Friday, May 31, 2019

The city banned the devices after Bird brought its electric scooters to town last summer.

There were liability concerns and issues with how the scooters were being parked. Some didn’t like the scooters being scattered along sidewalks and interfering with foot traffic.

Electric scooter rentals in Cleveland?

“They were dropped off on a Friday and they were banned by a Monday morning,” said one Cleveland resident.

“I’ve been to Atlanta (and) Austin. I use them pretty frequently and they’re great for getting around the city.”

Fans of the electric scooters argue they're convenient for business and leisure use, cut down on traffic congestion and are better for the environment.

Council members are discussing a proposal that would bring regulations.

An ordinance introduced in April said devices shouldn’t be allowed on streets with a speed limit over 35 miles per hour, devices can’t exceed 15 miles per hour and they would have to be parked on sidewalks in an upright position that doesn’t interfere with walkers.

One woman who recently moved to Cleveland supports lawmakers’ efforts.

“I think the scooters will be a good mode of transportation if there’s better regulations put in place by the councilmen,” she said.

The city is also looking at charging vendors $1 per scooter or bike per day which would go into an infrastructure fund.

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